This Week I’m… (EC)


Craigslist Joe. I think I saw a trailer or clip about this movie several months ago on Reddit. It’s been hanging out in my Netflix queue for a while and I finally felt in the mood for it last night.  I found it to be a pretty touching and thought-provoking movie. I cried but sometimes commercials move me to tears, so this is not saying much. I’d give it four out of five stars.

The general gist of the movie is that the filmmaker embarks on a journey to live off of Craigslist for a month. He travels from LA to NY and back, all with resources and contacts solely made from Craigslist. And it’s not just a wacky stunt. He’s exploring what community looks like in a world where we’re infinitely more connected (and in some ways isolated) by the ever-proliferating technology and social media. It’s a topic that is even more meaningful to me now, as I begin a blog project with far-flung authors, only some of whom I know in person.

I wish the movie explored or at least addressed the fact that people may be more moved to help or involve themselves when publicity (aka a camera) is involved. It’s unclear how much this affects the decisions/offers/generosity provided by the people Joe meets.

Playing (on repeat):

Kishi Bashi, 151a.  I’m keeping this on loop in preparation for seeing him in concert this evening. I have a thing for any artist that can incorporate strings into something that rocks. I find this album both soothing and uplifting. Here’s my favorite track, Manchester:



Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia. I totally picked this up because the trailer for the movie reminded me of books I read in middle school. Sure, it makes Twilight look like literary fiction, but it is totally satisfying my urge to read something sappily romantic and involving the supernatural. As Mindy Kaling (who apparently got it from Quentin Tarantino) says, there are no guilty pleasures, just pleasures.


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